Win-Win Opportunity

Why Lice Happens is Offering Franchises

We want to serve more families

The story begins with our own experience. We saw how our intelligent and calm method of connecting with families, and our belief in the value of bringing gentle humor to a difficult situation, set us apart from our first day in business.

Our consistent efforts to exceed each family’s expectations paid off immediately, and our desire to learn and grow, and get even better at providing a service that people feel good paying for, began to drive more business each month.

By focusing our attention and resources on our core strengths, we came to understand deeply how to meet the needs of families reaching out for help with this vexing problem.

We don’t give in to complacency.

We could easily be satisfied with what we’ve already achieved. However, we have realized that meeting the needs of local families in distress is not the endgame. Taking our proven head lice removal process and signature style to market in a bigger way can serve more families, and prevent them from experiencing the stress of unnecessary extreme house-cleanings and the associated costs that some lice treatment services recommend.

We want more allies in our fight to rid the world of the shame-and-blame cycle that makes an infestation so terrifying to the innocent victims and unwitting carriers of head lice.

We’re applying those same attitudes toward helping our franchisees. And everyone has the opportunity to profit from the results.

We’ve got a winning formula to share.

Bottom line? We’re savvy business people. We see an opportunity to become the industry-leading brand in a need-based, recession-resistant market niche, and we intend to make the Lice Happens name synonymous with thorough, compassionate, and gently humorous head lice treatment service. Creating a network of motivated franchisees that want to be part of our rise to the top is a fast and sustainable track to that goal.

Since generosity of spirit is one of our core values, we realized how much good it would do to share our repeatable formula for success with other motivated and entrepreneurial spirits. We want to teach what we’ve learned and set others up with the opportunity to achieve the kinds of successes we’ve been fortunate enough to experience in our financial and personal growth.

What Our Franchisees Are Saying

Multi-unit franchisee Emily Betterly has a unique perspective. As an experienced Lice Happens specialist, Emily knew first hand what the opportunity meant for her. “I have always loved the idea of having my own business, and I’ve been making a solid income as a Lice Happens specialist for 4 years now,” she says. “The decision to become a franchisee was easy because I already knew how well the business model works. It’s an affordable investment in the growth of my business.” Emily will continue to take service calls in the greater Philadelphia, PA and southern New Jersey areas.

Peter and Audrey Byram of New Jersey wanted to start a business with heart, after Peter retired from his position as a Wall Street executive. Once Peter’s experience in finance helped him vet the potential for making a profit, it was Lice Happens’ focus on helping children that became the key factor in their decision. “Lice Happens has done a great job creating a successful business model around a ‘feel-good’ service,” Peter told us. “Having the Lice Happens name and reputation behind our new business gives us a tremendous head start, and I’m looking forward to the flexibility and opportunities that a home-based business affords.” The Byram’s began taking service calls in northern New Jersey in June 2013.

Full disclosure: Peter also knows the potential of a Lice Happens business from watching his sister, Lice Happens co-founder MJ Eckert, grow the business from scratch with co-founder Nancy Fields.

Craig and Michelle Lohrli of Las Vegas, parents of a 6 year old, understand the need for Lice Happens’ high-quality service, and wasted no time signing up. They are enthusiastic about bringing their passion for helping children, and their competitive spirit, to their new business venture.

“We’re excited to be the very first official franchise, and we’re going to knock it out of the park,” said Craig, whose background in hospitality and retail give this entrepreneurial venture a solid foundation. “We feel fortunate to have stumbled upon such a valuable opportunity with a company whose integrity and honesty impressed us from the very first conversation. We fit right in with that kind of structure,” added Michelle. The Lohrli’s officially launched in June 2013.

A note from Lice Happens co-founder MJ Eckert, RN:

“This business is primarily about showing up for families at a difficult time, and taking care of the problem. For people who want to make a living helping families through the kinds of minor crises that happen every day, a Lice Happens franchise is an affordable way to open a business that has a positive direct impact on people’s lives.”

A note from Lice Happens co-founder Nancy Fields:

“We’ve had so much interest from potential franchisees, and are excited that our first three are seasoned business professionals. If their enthusiasm and experience are any indication, they’re going to hit the ground running, and make an immediate difference in their communities. We look forward to celebrating their successes, and to welcoming other like-minded franchisees to the Lice Happens fold.”