Meet Our Newest Lice Happens Franchisee From Atlanta

Tracey Fudge has devoted her entire career to corporate sales. As an accomplished sales person she has a keen understanding of what differentiates the ability to sell products and services from also having a passion to deliver quality. Tracey recently completed her training at Lice Happens headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland and ready to launch her Lice Happens Franchise in Atlanta. She sat down with us before she left to share why she decided to make the jump from corporate America to franchise ownership.

LH: You had a successful career in Corporate America, what made you decide to start your own business?
TF: The decision did not come easy. Having a stable job and a steady paycheck is important when raising two young children. But, I had reached the point in my career that I was confident in my own abilities and thought, why not build my own future?

LH: You mentioned you have two young children; did they contribute to your decision to start your own franchise?
TF: Absolutely, I am very focused when working, but I also wanted the flexibility to control my own schedule and not have someone dictating to me when to work and where to be. I wanted to create my own quotas and still be home for the kids when they came home from school.

LH: Children seem to be the consistent link to our business model, were your children a catalyst that got you looking at Lice Happens?
TF: Indeed. My children had head lice and their friends, and their friends had head lice. The horrible experience with my children’s head lice got me thinking that there must be a better way. All the parents I knew were frustrated and confused. It got me interested in investigating viable options for head lice treatment in Atlanta. My investigation led me to consider starting a home-based business helping families conquer head lice, which led me to find out if there were any lice removal franchises in the market.

LH: What was it the appealed to you about the Lice Happens Franchise Opportunity?
TF: Lice Happens is a mobile head lice treatment service and does not have the overhead and start-up costs that brick and mortar treatment center have. All I could think about was – I wish that I knew about a mobile service that would come to my home and screen and treat my children. Talk about convenience.
LH: So what is your game plan now that you have completed your training?

TF: I am excited to introduce and spread “No Shame. No Blame” message and head lice treatment approach to all of Atlanta. Parents should not feel embarrassed by the fact that their child has head lice. My plan is to educate parents with the right information and let them know that if they do end up getting that dreaded call from the school nurse, Lice Happens Atlanta will be there for their family, 7 days a week.