Our executive franchise model will allow you to offer professional head lice removal services and offer private label products to customers in your territory. The model is very scalable and will provide you an opportunity to expand your trade area when you are ready to grow your business. The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Lice Happens Franchise will range from $27,950 to $44,900, depending on the size of your territory.
ExpenditureLow InvestmentHigh Investment
Initial Franchise Fee$19,000$29,000
Initial Inventory & Starter Kit$1,300$1,400
Furniture/Computer Hardware$2,500$4,000
Training Related$1,650$3,400
Miscellaneous Funds *$3,500$7,100
Total Investment$27,950$44,900

* Miscellaneous Funds includes Insurance, Legal Fees, Business Licenses, Supplies and Additional Funds for the first few months of operations.