I See Lice in Your Future, and that’s Not a Bad Thing!

Have you ever considered the role that lice could play in your future? Not on your head, but in your career!

Ours isn’t the typical day job. When people find out we’re the owners of Lice Happens, a mobile lice treatment service, most are quick to ask how we got into this line of work. Our business was born from seeing first-hand the frustration and confusion caused by trying to combat head lice.

You probably know plenty of individuals who want to own their own business, yet years pass by while they continue to toss around ideas in search of the perfect opportunity. We created this franchise opportunity because there is an overwhelming need for it. Plus, why wait for someone else to do it when we were so concerned about proper lice treatment and prevention in the first place?

The families we visit depend on us for efficiency, knowledge and effective solutions. You might be wondering whether you’re the kind of person who could do it. We hope so! In fact, most likely so, but we want to know whether you’re the kind of person who would enjoy it.

As professional Lice Treatment Specialists, we are highly trained subject matter experts. We know what works, what doesn’t, and all things louse-y. Like any reputable professional, there’s a lot of inaccurate info that you have to sift through so you can set the record straight. At least a few married couples have put us on the spot to settle their squabbles. We don’t take sides, but we’re happy to do some head lice myth-busting.

Beyond the technical nature of the job, the best lice treatment specialists are aware of client sensitivities. Whether they have one case or four cases of head lice in the house, it’s an emotional time to walk in. They trust us, and in return we approach them with kindness and respect. Our “no shame, no blame” motto is everyday policy, and good advice for all.

Are you a good listener? Can you sympathize, and maybe even make them laugh a little? Are you willing to provide public outreach and education in support of your community’s well being? Do you want to be the type of boss who is in the mix, totally engaged with customers and the community?

We wish everyone could experience the personal reward that comes from filling a much-needed role of service provider and problem solver. We’re sure there are plenty of people like us who have an entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for providing head lice treatment and education. Are you one of them? We want to hear from you.