The Business of Lice Happens

Lice Happens’ core business is to provide professional in-home head lice screening and treatment services through highly trained and compassionate specialists who use our signature brand of gentle humor to ease discomfort and restore normal family routines. We embody our tagline, “No shame, No blame,” by supplementing our screening and treatment services with education and hands-on training to empower parents and caregivers. Why have thousands of families chosen Lice Happens to guide them through the nightmare? We listen; we sympathize. We calm them, we respect them, we empower them. We support them even after we leave. We enlighten them, and it lightens their burden. Every Lice Happens specialist is a highly trained subject matter expert, not a minimum-wage technician. We bring intelligence, compassion and humor, and prompt, effective care to every family we serve. Learn more about what we do as a service (and what we don’t do) by visiting the Lice Happens website.

The Business of Lice Happens Franchise Systems

Lice Happens Franchise Systems, LLC is a bit like the “mother ship,” launching and supporting franchisees by passing along the best practices and experiences we’ve gained as creators of our own start-up, for the benefit of all Lice Happens franchisees.

Lice Happens Franchise Systems

  • Awards business ownership of a Lice Happens franchise to qualified entrepreneurs, who are granted an exclusive territory
  • Trains, mentors, and supports franchisees in relevant aspects of the business
  • Purposefully, intelligently, and strategically develops the franchise system to create visibility and opportunity for all franchisees
  • Manages the franchise system
  • Promotes and markets the Lice Happens brand for national recognition
  • Maintains the integrity and reputation of the Lice Happens brand